Materials science and metallurgical consulting and research

REXP2 Research LLC performs materials science and metallurgical consulting and research. Headed by Richard Rateick, Jr. PE (Indiana), REXP2 Research has over 33 years experience solving materials problems in the fields of metals, structural ceramics, and composites for the aerospace, transportation, nano-technology, and agricultural industries. 

We are truly interested in your real day-to-day materials or mechanical performance problems either in the short or long term, such as:

⦿ What materials should I use in my new product? 
⦿ I need to determine the strength and fatigue life of a material used in my product. 
⦿ A part of my product is rusting, what can be done to fix this?  Would a coating help?
⦿ My product is experiencing life limiting excessive wear, how do I fix this? Can I use a coating?
⦿ A part of my product is cracking and failing, how do I fix this?
⦿ I want to move my product to the next level relative to my competition, how do I strategize implementation of new technologies?

We have a strong emphasis on materials selectionwearcorrosioncoatings, and materials characterization/testing. We use both in-house and commercial testing/analytical capabilities to keep costs under control. Projects have ranged from research on fluid flow in nano-porous media to failure analysis and materials selection for aerospace, transportation, energy generation, and agricultural/harvesting equipment. With a legacy of developing solutions for our nation’s defence and transportation sectors, and having collaborated with many top rated universities, we can help your company solve traditional as well as “out there” materials problems.  History shows, materials science is a fundamental basis for opportunity, let us help you maximize your’s.  

REXP2 Research specializes in the following key areas. Please click on the links for more information.

Areas of specialization, expertise and services

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