Industry-University collaboration building

Universities and National Laboratories have massive capital and intellectual resources which are available to support small businesses and industry at large. REXP2 Research has experience dooing business and research to solve business driven problems with multiple national and international universities and the US National Laboratories. Industry-university collaboration building was a key success driver. In many cases, engaging these outside resources can provide significant capital and labor savings, as the cost of testing or research is based on time and material and sometimes overhead. Not only does your organization not have to pay the full capital cost, but it benefits from the expertise of the the partnering organization. Such collaborations can be as simple as engaging with a university by way of a services agreement or a National Laboratory via a work for others agreement. Both the National Laboratories and some universities, such as The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, operate user facilities. These facilities provide state of the art capabilities and training for the industrial researcher. Once trained, the industrial researcher performs the testing and research without the company having to invest the capital in the equipment or facility. However, the real advantage comes from recognizing how the university or National Laboratory objectives align with, and more importantly, can be enhanced by, working with the industrial partner. We have experience working with many internationally recognized universities in the United States and Canada, as well as with many of the National Laboratories to create win-win outcomes.

Industry-University collaboration building. University-Industry Venn Diagram.

The owner of REXP2 Research LLC has delivered lectures and participated in panel discussions with university and industry leaders concerning how to make these collaborations work through industry-university collaboration building. The most critical element leading to success is recognizing the value propositions of both the business and the university. We can work with your organization to help you learn how to make these relationships work. We understand that this is not just a technical or engineering issue, but it is also a business and legal issue, and from a program management perspective, we have experience dealing with all aspects of the process. 

If your organization works with RESP2 Research LLC, it is possible that some projects may benefit from engagement with universities and the National Laboratories. Given our experience, we will not hesitate to present you with the options, and work with you to achieve success. We can also provide training to your people to help them understand how to make these relationships win-win for both your company and the partner.

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