Thesis: Thermomechanical Processing and Crystallographic Texture in Super Alpha-2 Titanium Aluminide, R.G. Rateick, Jr., PE., University of Notre Dame.

Super Alpha-2 titanium aluminide is a member of the Ti-Al family of intermetallic alloys. In this thesis submitted to the University of Notre Dame by R.G. Rateick, Jr., PE,, a thermomechanical processing (heat treating and wrought processing) plan was implemented to convert billet into upset pancakes. Metallography, tensile testing, fractography (SEM), x-ray diffraction, x-ray pole figure, crystallographic orientation distribution function analysis (CODF), and quantitative microscopy (image analysis) were used to show that superplasticity developed during alpha-beta isothermal forging. Beta heat treating resulted in large prior beta grains. Alpa-2 platelets precipitating from the beta phase on cooling had an orientation relationship with the beta grains. 

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